Delivering Linux &
Cloud-Native Solutions
for the Federal Government

Rancher Government Solutions provides US government-ready distributions of open-source software that allows organizations to run Kubernetes in even the most sensitive environments.



Rancher Multi-Cluster Manager (MCM) is the leading open-source platform for running Kubernetes in any environment. Now with full support for Windows containers, Prometheus, Istio service mesh, and enhanced security for cloud-native workloads, Rancher is the ideal platform for organizations implementing Kubernetes as a core technology in datacenter, cloud or edge environments. Rancher Federal offers a supported distribution of Rancher for government clients that is validated and available with cleared support and services.

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NeuVector is the leader in Full Lifecycle Container Security, delivering a cloud native, proactive platform that modernizes government agencies from reactionary security to preventative zero-trust protection. Go beyond scanning with our Protect First container security solution with NeuVector.

RKE Government

RKE Government

Also known as RKE2, RKE Government is an easy-to-install Kubernetes distribution specifically engineered to adhere to the robust security requirements of public sector organizations. To meet the needs of Rancher Government Solutions growing number of US federal customers, our engineering teams built a highly secure, FIPS-enabled Kubernetes distribution that combines the best of RKE and K3s.

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K3s is a lightweight, certified Kubernetes distribution built for running production workloads inside IoT appliances in edge locations. K3s is packaged as a single < 40MB binary for both x86 and Arm processors, and it works great on something as small as a Raspberry Pi or as large as an AWS a1.4xlarge 32GiB server.Rancher Federal provides a distribution of K3s to US Government clients that is independently validated and available with cleared support and services.

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Longhorn is 100% open-source, distributed block storage built for Kubernetes. Although started by Rancher Labs, Longhorn is now a CNCF-governed project. When used with Rancher, Longhorn increases developer and ITOps efficiency by making persistent storage easy to deploy with a single click, and without the cost overhead of proprietary alternatives. It also reduces the resources required to manage data and operate environments, enabling teams to focus on shipping code faster, and delivering better applications.



SUSE Linux Enterprise is a modern and adaptable OS designed to simplify and secure any IT environment, help modernize legacy IT infrastructure, and accelerate innovation with an engaging platform for developers. As a result, US Federal agencies can use SUSE Linux Enterprise operating systems to seamlessly deploy and transition mission-critical workloads from core to cloud to edge.



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